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The Munay-Ki


I have been approached recently by several clients interested in receiving the Munay-Ki Rites.

I received these Rites myself in 2016 along with my friend of 40 years, Helen, who is a healer and shamanic practitioner. Since receiving the Rites, we have both separately and together been embodying these and now feel ready to share them.


What is Munay-Ki?

The Munay-Ki Rites are a gift passed down by the Q’ero (Inca) people to the Cuban-born American anthropologist Alberto Villoldo, with the instruction that they were to be shared with those ready to receive them. They are based on the practices of shamans from the Americas, and altogether are meant to help you achieve balance between love, wisdom, and power.

As we all know, an imbalance of these qualities is never good. If we love without wisdom and power, we open ourselves up to abuse. If we are wise without love, we are cold, and without power we cannot use what we know. If we are powerful without love and wisdom, we are very dangerous.

If we all were to achieve this balance wherever possible, would the world still have its problems?


What do the Rites do?

The Rites are concerned with aligning your mind and body with the values and knowledge necessary to cultivate wisdom, power, and consistent stewardship, unburdened by the wounds of your past. For you to transmit and magnify the healing energy that all life has within it, you need to be able to allow it to extend beyond yourself. The Munay-Ki Rites are there to initiate you into the role that those who are both wise and loving were born to take.

This is the role of healer – of ‘Earth Keeper’.


How do I know I’m ready to receive them?

All of us alive today are in some way aware that the world is rapidly becoming darker – while also getting hotter. The Inca believed in cycles of light and darkness, and while the world feels like a difficult place to be right now, it is always darkest before the dawn. According to traditional teachings, Earth Keepers are here to aid the transition from dark to light.

Does the term Earth Keeper resonate with you? Are you someone who believes in making the world a better place through understanding, sharing, and embodying wisdom that has been passed down for epochs, but that has been being slowly eroded over the course of this one? Do you feel ready learn about healing yourself and others? If yes, then you are who this course is made for.


How will the course work?

Four separate day-long workshops over the course of four months will prepare you and a small group of other like-minded people to receive and embody the nine Munay-Ki Rites. The workshops will be delivered by Helen and me inside my dedicated healing space.

We have run these workshops six times over the last 3 years.  A new course will be starting in January 2025.

You can secure your place with a deposit of £40.

Please click here to book your place.

Although the Rites themselves are free, the cost of the day will cover time, materials, and sharing of knowledge. As well as receiving the Rites, you will be given your own Pi stone and written information to take home.

The Munay-Ki rites are there to allow you to use what you already have. It would be an honour to join you on your journey toward healing yourself, other people, and the world around us.

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