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How I Can Help You

How are you feeling? Throughout my time running The Forest Loft, I have helped so many people to regain control over their wellbeing. Keep reading to see some examples of how my work has improved my clients’ mental and physical health.

Image by Jason Leem

Mental Health

Everybody has a brain, and so everyone needs to look after their mental health.

But, as we’re all too aware, it’s getting harder to do that. Depression, anxiety, self-harm, and substance abuse issues are on the rise across the world, and record numbers of young people are being referred to mental health services in the UK. At the same time, these services are increasingly becoming overwhelmed.

Picture it: you find yourself struggling with the effects of trauma, anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, or one of the myriad other mental health problems that can affect anyone at any age. Perhaps two years of lockdowns and isolation has left you feeling like you can’t socialise in the way you used to – like you’ve forgotten how to be the person you used to be, or you’re scared of going to work, school, or public places. 

You seek help, speaking to your GP or calling a dedicated helpline…

and you find yourself on a six-month waiting list.

Sound familiar?

It’s the reality of many people living in the UK right now who may not be able to afford private therapy.

So, what now? You don’t want to do anything that might jeopardise your mental health treatment, but you also don’t want your mental health to go downhill whilst you wait for medical intervention. You may be offered medication such as mood stabilisers, but what if that isn’t what you want?

That’s where I come in. For many people, my sessions can represent a helpful interim measure, allowing them to engage in their lives in a meaningful way.

Perhaps, like some of my clients, this meaningful engagement may mean going back to work after months of incapacitation caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For others, it might look more like being able to start a degree at a busy university after overcoming intense anxiety about the huge life change that represents. Or it might mean being able to focus on the creative pursuits you used to love

before your mind became overshadowed by negative emotion.

Whatever it is, I can help you to get the most out of your life, whether you’re waiting for therapy or not.

Image by Jason Leem

Physical Health

Your physical health has a huge effect

on your psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing.

Not only does physical pain make life harder for people with pre-existing mental health conditions, it can worsen the mental states of those who suffer with it.

For instance, one study found that patients with widespread chronic pain conditions reported similar emotional states as people with cancer.

Whether your pain is caused by illness or injury, I can help you manage it.

How? It all comes down to rebalancing where you’re focusing your energy. As research has shown, the degree to which people with physical illnesses think about their conditions and pain significantly affects their mental health.

Over the years, I’ve helped people with post-operative pain, multiple myalgia, and back conditions like Cauda Equina, herniated disk disease, and arthritis to minimise the impact that pain has on their wellbeing. Through a bespoke combination of practical and energetic work, my clients have experienced a reduction in both their felt pain and their mental attachment to it.

Click on the links below to find out how my sessions can help with physical pain management as well as emotional distress, or to make a booking.  

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