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A Dedicated Space,
Surrounded by Nature

The Forest Loft is a purpose-designed, clean, bright, and airy space, situated against a backdrop of lush forest.

Walk in the door, climb the stairs, and life’s stresses feel far behind you,

enabling you to get the most out of your time with me.

​As an energy-focused practitioner, I feel the Loft’s setting away from my home keeps the space neutral, so both your session and surroundings are dedicated solely to you and your wellbeing. 

As the space sits on the edge of a gorgeous woodland, I am able to intertwine nature with my practice. This has proven especially useful for my work with young people, particularly children, and people with sensory issues including Autism and ADHD.

Just taking a short walk through the forest before or after your session can help to make space in your mind or solidify what we’ve worked on together. It can foster a sense of calm, tranquil focus, or grounded curiosity,

all of which are useful for improving the efficacy of both Reiki healing and meditation.

You may even see the herd of gentle cows that occasionally wander through the piece of forest adjacent to where The Loft sits!

(Don’t worry – they keep their distance!)

Whatever you're hoping to get out of your visit to The Forest Loft,

you'll be amazed at what nature can add to it.

Sessions at The Forest Loft are built around you, meaning that whatever your needs are - whether you'd prefer to stay inside or venture outdoors - the choice is truly up to you.

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