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Mel from the forest loft Reiki and Meditation

Who I Am and What I Do

a down-to-earth approach

Hi - I’m Mel. I’ve been a fully qualified Reiki practitioner and meditation teacher since 2016. Before that, I used my BSc in environmental science and PCGE qualification to help young people in primary schools

connect to the natural world.

As a mother of two teenagers and an experienced senior manager of an inner city primary school, I understand that sensitivity, understanding and respect are key to helping young people become confident and competent. I deliver Reiki and meditation guidance to people of all ages, and specialise in working with children and teenagers.

I am inspired by nature; it helps you to feel the relationship that we all have with everything on the planet – it’s why one walk can make you feel so much better during times of isolation and stress.

The Forest Loft’s unique woodland setting means that nature truly runs through my practice. My bespoke sessions can take place both inside the Loft and outside, amongst the trees. This is particularly helpful for people who experience the world in a more sensory way, such as those of us with Autism.

If you come to The Forest Loft, as well as Reiki healing and meditation guidance, you can expect a non-judgmental listening ear. I take a person-centred approach; we are empowered through our connection to others as well as to nature. Together, we will uncover practical opportunities for you to find balance in your life, so you’re spending less time in your head and more time

enjoying the world you live in.

Many people are wondering how to improve their mental health while isolating due to COVID-19 or on a waiting list for mental health services. I can help with that. My treatments are designed to empower you to take back control of your life holistically, by using the tools you already have within yourself.

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My Mission

My purpose is to use what I know to empower others. Through The Forest Loft, I’ve been able to help clients who were struggling with their mental health to go to university, return to work, and regain their creative abilities.

I want my clients to take control of their own healing and understand how powerful their minds and bodies really are. Everyone has the the power to heal themselves if they are given the right guidance - and it is my life's mission to provide that.

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